miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

Three billy goats gruff (part 1)

Three billy goats gruff (part 2)

Three billy goats gruff (part 3)

Three billy goats gruff (credits)


Vikings originally came from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
The name Viking means "pirate" and they could sail huge distances.
500 years before Chistofer Columbus discovered the American continent, vikings had visited its shores.
 The vikings still live in England today.
June, Miriam,Virginia and Nahia

Mayan civilization

The Ancient Mayan lived in Mexico and Guatemala. They had no central king and developed the science of astronomy, calendar systems and hieroglyphic writing.
They also built pyramids, temples and palaces. They were very religious people and farmers. 

Many theories try to explain why they disappeared but they are still living in their own regions.
Felipe, David, Víctor and Alejandra were our teachers. Well done!


Did you know that Rome was founded by Romulus? That thanks to their strong army they conquered new lands? Thet they built roads, walls and aqueducts? That they liked to enjoy their food?
We were ready for a journey back in time and Miguel, Shania and Julen were the best teachers. Thanks!